Tesco Sent Someone A Jar Of ‘Jimmy Savile Marmalade’

Great branding.

Ever since supermarkets introduced the home delivery system, it’s been a complete weight off the shoulders of most people and saved everyone a lot of time. However, you still hear about some massive screw ups and this is one of those times.

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A bar owner from County Durham named Kate Shepherd had completed her shopping order as normal and included her favourite Seville Orange Marmalade on it as per usual. She was pretty annoyed when it arrived though, as the packaging had been defaced with a marker pen, proudly proclaiming the orange marmalade as ‘Jimmy Savile Marmalade’. Oops.


Fortunately for Tesco, Shepherd isn’t a complete asshat and could see the (vaguely) funny side of the joke, merely posting the picture on her Twitter account and having a bit of a lol about it. She’s well aware that if some uptight old git got it delivered to them it could have been a very different story.

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Tesco had this to say about the incident:

This is clearly unacceptable and we are investigating how this could have happened.

We have apologised to Ms Shepherd, and offered her a full refund and a voucher off her next shop with Tesco.

What a stupid statement. Firstly, it’s fairly obvious how it happened – some idiot got a marker pen and wrote on it. And secondly, how much is a refund for a jar of marmalade really going to be, like a quid or something? Is it even worth it? I suppose the voucher for the next shop is useful, but they’ve declined to mention how much it is so it’s probably a fiver or something. Again, completely useless.

For more Jimmy Savile, check out these old photos of him that are creepy as fuck now that we know what he was getting up to. Sick fuck.


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