Tesco Are Selling A Giant Jaffa Cake For Just £1

Giant Jaff Cake


The number of excellent delicious budget food items coming out from all the nation’s supermarkets seems to be increasing each and every week as they struggle to outdo each other, and as a consumer I honestly couldn’t be happier.

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The latest item to be rolled out is this magnificent looking giant Jaffa Cake from Tesco that only costs one pound. Just one pound for that cake is pretty damn good eh? If the pictures haven’t done it for you, then here’s an official description for you as well:

Baked orange filling on a sponge base, topped with orange flavoured cream cheese mousse and flooded with a chocolate flavour topping.

Ok so maybe it’s not exactly a giant Jaffa Cake but more like a giant Jaffa Cake cake, but I’m not complaining. There is of course a catch for this £1 offer though, with you needing to order it via home dleivery before August 27th.

That’s not really that much of a catch if you do home deliveries anyway, just gotta make sure you do one in the next couple of weeks. Otherwise, it’s gonna set you back £2 either buying it in the store or for home delivery, which is hardly going to break the bank either is it? Go for it.

For more Jaffa Cakes, check out this giant one that is actually a giant one. No disputing that.


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