Tesco’s Latest Children’s Colouring Book Features A Bunch Of Mass Murderers

Tesco have released a children’s colouring book that features your favourite mass murderers.

Children’s minds are such amazing things, full of joy and wonder and possessing an abundance of innocence and curiosity. What better way to recognise this than with a colouring book full of iconic sleep depriving moments from your favourite horror films and adult thrillers?

Servers on Mumsnet went into meltdown recently following the discovery of what appeared to be a children’s colouring book for sale on the website of former horsemeat enthusiasts Tesco.

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Instead of carrying the standard colouring-book staples – unicorns, flowers, comedy giraffes and so forth – the book featured a parade of profoundly unsuitable-for-children images, all waiting for little Timmy and Tammy to get busy with the Crayola.


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