This Terrifying Short Film Will Make You Never Want To Take A Selfie Again

Terrifying Selfie

Chilling stuff that’s probably scarier than most horror movies these days.

This is a fun little horror short that actually succeeds in being genuinely scary despite only being about one minute long. I don’t really want to spoil it for you because that would take the fun out of it for you and I found it really enjoyable just watching it with no prior knowledge of plot or anything beforehand.

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Wow, pretty intense right? Not sure about anyone else but I nearly crapped my pants with that last jump at the end. To be honest this could probably be the premise for an actual horror film if they worked on developing it a bit, although it might just be better to leave it as it and not ruin it because it’s pretty awesome this way anyhow.

If that isn’t enough to stop you from taking selfies all the time, maybe this story about a kid who posed with a gun for a selfie and ended up shooting himself in the head will be enough to make you quit.


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