Clever Teenager Figures Out Ingenious Way To Save U.S. Government $400 Million

Suvir Marchandandi

This is so smart it’s kind of crazy that nobody has ever thought of it before until this bratty little 14 year old smartass.

Wow. This is seriously smart and the kid should probably win the science fair that he entered with the idea as it could literally change the world.

His name is Suvir Mirchandani and he’s only 14 and he realised that if the government changed their official font from Times New Roman to Garamond – which is lighter and thinner – then they would end up using about 25 per cent less ink. He said that whilst huge efforts were always made to save paper, little attention was paid towards ink, which is actually two times more expensive than French perfume in terms of volume.

After figuring out that his school could save around $20,000 a year by adopting this change, Suvir then applied his theory to the U.S. government and worked out that they would save roughly $400 million if they adopted the change. Unfortunately, whilst government administrators have acknowledged the idea and realised how good of an idea it actually is, there aren’t any current plans to change the official font used on government documents. I guess that budget deficit is just going to increase and increase.

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