22 Most Embarrassing Teenage Band Photographs

Awkward Teen Band Photos Featured

Remember when you were in a band when you were a teenager and you took some really cool promo shots? It didn’t happen that way.

Everyone goes through that phase when they’re younger of thinking they’re going to be a rock star – all it’s going to take is buying a guitar, then finding some like minded individuals, practicing for an hour or two and then voila, you’re headlining Madison Square Garden. Somewhere along the way you realise it isn’t that easy at all, and jack it all in to become a lawyer or an estate agent, leaving those gigs in shit clubs playing to about five people long behind.

Unfortunately, they can’t ever leave their horrendous promotional material behind and there’s always a chance that someday, somewhere the record you recorded or horrible band promo photos with the shoddy logo you designed on MS Paint will come back and bite you in the ass. That’s exactly what happened to these guys:

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