Teenager Illegally Climbs Up New York City’s New Tallest Building And Videotapes It

NYC Tallest Building Climb

This could probably be a short thriller it’s so nerve wracking.

A 17 year old named Demid Levedev decided to climb up 432 Park Avenue – which is going to officially be New York City’s tallest building when it’s completed and house million dollar penthouses – to take some pictures and check out what the 1349 foot, $85 million view would look like, kinda like when these crazy Russians climbed up the Shanghai tower.

Whilst doing that though he decided to video tape his entire ascent, kinda like James Kingston does in his crazy videos where he hangs off cranes miles above the ground, only way more nerve wracking because it doesn’t seem like Demid is a trained climber like him judging by the near misses in this video. It could probably work as a half hour TV show or maybe even a short movie there’s that much tension in it.

It was all worth it though as he got some completely sick snaps when he made it to the top, kind of reminiscent of these shots some other crazy Russian kids got when they climbed up a skyscraper in Dubai.


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