Teenager Beats The Shit Out Of His Friend For Grassing Him Up (VIDEO)


We’ve no way of telling what kind of Shakespeare-like betrayal went down between these two, but according to the kid in the grey shorts, the guy in red snitched on him and “fucked up his career”.

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So this wasn’t really a beat down he wanted to give his friend, but apparently, he felt he had to:

Heart-breaking stuff. From best friends to bitter enemies on a Worldstar fight video, all because the kid in red couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Although it does seem like the kid in grey left the door open for a reconciliation by not stomping his head into the concrete once he’d KO’d him. Hate it when that happens and was sure it was coming, so respect to him for the restraint.

Still not our favourite fight video of 2017 though – that would be these two mad rednecks fighting over the last beer.


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