Teenager Banned From Facebook After Friends Grass Him Up For ‘Disrespecting’ Jesus Statue


A 14-year-old boy from Pennsylvania got himself into a bit of trouble with the religious community after he was pictured mimicking receiving a blow job from a statue of Jesus.

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After the photos were taken, he thought it would be a good idea to stick them on Facebook for the world to see. This immature act of blasphemy angered his Facebook friends so bad (it’s not hard) that they eventually called the police on him.

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Turns out in that area of the world there is such thing as a blasphemy law and the poor kid was facing up to two years in prison. Two years for just humping a statue – the law enforcement would have a field day if they saw what the youth of the UK got up to in their free time.

Luckily the judge, Thomas Ling, went easy on the kid and he was simply handed a six-month social media ban (no more Jesus blow-job posts for him) as well as 350 hours of community service. Imagine that – he’s amongst the junkies and the hookers and when they ask him what he’s there for, he replies: “I humped a Jesus statue”. So ridiculous.

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