Teenage Girl Walks In On Her Dad’s Colleague Doing The Unthinkable To Their Family Dog

daniel reinsvold

Scarred for life.

A real estate agent was recently caught having sex with his co-worker’s golden retriever. And guess who found him in the act? The co-worker’s 16-year-old daughter. That’s going to have a damaging effect later in life, surely.

Daniel Reinsvold was caught molesting the dog in the basement of his colleague’s family home. The daughter said he had his trousers and pants down to mid-thigh, with his pelvic area pressed up to Cooper the dog’s butt.

Obviously the guy came up with a flimsy excuse as most people do in these situations. He tried to explain that he was just:

Picking up some things he dropped.

Oh what and you just happened to be pantless and the dog just happened to back up onto your dick whilst it just happened to be hard? Sure.

golden retriever

The daughter said that the dog ran to her as if he were “in trouble”. She left shortly after and when she returned Daniel and his car were gone. Once the dad returned and found out what had happened he immediately called the police and took Cooper to the vet to be checked out and treated.

Apparently Daniel didn’t have permission to be in the house and when questioned by the police, he said that he was stopping by to use the loo. He has denied charges of mistreating animals — the verdict hasn’t come through yet although it’s pretty obvious what he was up to. Who rubs their naked groin against a dog’s arsehole without there being any sexual intention? Super seedy behaviour.

Also imagine being that poor teen who found him doing it? I don’t know if I could ever look at my dog in the same way again. She must’ve been as shocked as that woman who looked through her boyfriend’s phone, only to find a video of him having sex with her dog. That’s some next level cheating right there.


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