Teenage Girl Gets Shot In The Head For Sending Too Many Snapchats

Deserae Turner

Kids today.

A girl over in America was shot in the head by a teenager from her school after he became annoyed that she was messaging him too much on Snapchat.

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Deserae Turner, 14, was the victim of a murder plot by the 16-year-old boy and his friend, also 16, who allegedly lured her to an isolated location by promising to sell her a knife. What the hell is going on with the younger generation these days?

Deserae Turner

Last month Deserae was reported missing when she did not return home from school. She was found injured in a canal in Utah – luckily she is now alive and well but it was not looking so good for a while. When the local Sheriff asked the boy why he shot her, he said he became annoyed with Deserae’s incessant texting. The two boys chillingly stated that, “it would be pretty easy to get rid of her”.

In addition to shooting the girl, they also stole £44 from her purse and destroyed her phone and iPod. The boys had allegedly initially planned on slitting her throat but they could not go through with it, so they chose a gun instead.

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The boys have been charged with six counts each including attempted aggravated murder, robbery and obstruction of justice. The case continues so it is unknown how long they’ll be going down for, but judging by the harsh US judicial system, my guesses are for a long fucking time. And too right – what they did was absolutely psychopathic.

If Snapchat really was the main protagonist in this story then I would be worried about teenagers and social media these days, but the fact is that these two kids obviously have serious issues – social media played a minor part in it and they would’ve gone on to do something like this regardless of the circumstances.

Nevertheless, millennials do need to start putting the phone down more. It’s getting ridiculous now.


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