It’s Official: Millennials Are The Most Narcissistic Generation Ever

Millennials narcicist

No surprises there.

When you think of a millennial (someone born between 1980 and 1994), you probably associate them with such activities as image crafting, selfies and expounding their useless opinions via Twitter, so it’s no real surprise to hear that they’ve officially been named as the most narcissistic generation of all time.

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Joshua Grubbs, a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology at Case Western Reserve University, conducted an experiment to test this theory by asking millennials and people aged 60 and over to rank generations in terms of their narcissism. On a 100 point narcissism scale, the older generation rated millennials as a 65.3 whereas the youngsters classified themselves as a 61.4, proving that everyone realises they are in fact the most narcissistic generation.


However, Grubbs’ research also determined that although millennials do recognise their own narcissism, they also don’t like being labelled that way either, and this could lead to trouble in the future:

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Over time, the ‘narcissistic’ label could impact how millennials feel, their mental health (and) their attitudes about themselves and general generation.

Great, more problems for our generation to come in the coming days. Fantastic news.

For more narcissism, check out a new medical condition called selfie elbow. Yes, that is a real thing.


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