Lady Yells At Teens Playing In Park “I Hope You Both Get Coronavirus! I Hope You Die A Long, Painful Death!”


A New Jersey high school teacher who was clearly already having a bad day absolutely lost the plot on a pair of teens she caught playing in the local park while walking her dog.

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To be fair, it’s probably reasonable to become upset with other people for not following (or completely ignoring) proper COVID-19 social distancing measures, but even still, I think her tone and general attitude about it could use some work:

Blimey! Like I said maybe these teens shouldn’t be playing in the park considering there’s a pandemic going on and your best bet is to stay inside, and she did say she was just trying to save their lives after all. However I don’t think telling them you hope they catch coronavirus and die long, painful deaths is the way to get through to a group of teenagers. Like the old saying goes – you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Definitely applies in this situation.

Maybe they’d have taken her more seriously if she was wearing gloves and mask, but then again maybe not. Perhaps if lockdown drives enough people crazy like this woman they’ll start doing their bit though.

Speaking of people going crazy during lockdown – meet the Russian dad who shot 5 people dead for making too much noise during isolation.



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