Taxi Driver Causes Huge Controversy After Uploading This Picture Of A Woman Breastfeeding In His Cab


Since he uploaded, the photo’s gone viral.

Breastfeeding in public is still a tricky subject – even though it really shouldn’t be – as some people are still offended by it, despite the fact it’s perfectly natural, necessary and in no way offensive unless you were born in the stone age.

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The latest idiot to get shit about it is a Hong Kong taxi driver, who was so incensed by the fact that a woman was breast-feeding in the back of his taxi that he took a selfie of the incident and uploaded it onto Facebook over the weekend. The driver – known only as Chow – posted it to a Facebook group for other Hong Kong taxi drivers along with the comment ‘are you serious?’ Since then it’s gone viral, with many people calling him out for violating the woman’s privacy.

Chow has since deleted the post after the health minster Dr Ko Wing-man slammed him and said he should have respected the woman’s privacy. He’s currently being investigated by the police, but thanks to outdated privacy laws in Hong Kong it looks like Chow will get away with this misdemeanour because he probably didn’t know the identity of the woman. Former Privacy Commissioner Allan Chiang Yam-wang explains:


The driver might not be bound by the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, as it depends on whether he had collected personal data on the woman.

If the woman reserved the taxi service by phone, the driver might have acquired her name, address and phone number but if he had just picked her up on the streets and did not know these details then he’s well within his rights to take the picture and upload it.

The driver is not breaching any privacy rule if he does not know the identity of the woman. The regulation is designed to protect privacy rights in relation to personal data.

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Say what? If you don’t know somebody then you can take pictures of them and it’s completely fine as long as you don’t collect personal information on them?

Not really sure how that works, although Chiang at least admitted that the law was 20 years old and is outdated now and has failed to keep abreast with developments in technology. Hopefully they can do something about that ASAP, although you know how long it normally takes to get an actual important law passed.

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