Cheap Tattoos Could Cause HIV – Which Would Be Better Than The Embarrassment Caused By These Shockers




It’s always worth remembering that governments are large, unwieldy organisations. This means that different departments often give out conflicting messages.

Whilst most of the current UK government is working hard to dismantle the welfare state and systematically screw the public in every orifice, there are still apparently departments who are worried about the well-being of the general populace. This is why they’ve been nice enough to issue a warning about cheap tattoos.

According to the Local Government Association, unlicensed tattooists working “from homes, pubs and clubs or garden sheds” are unlikely to sterilise their equipment or check the medical history of customers. This can lead to infections, hepatitis and potentially HIV.

We don’t need to remind you that it’s a bad idea to get a tattoo done on the cheap in a garden shed.

Shed tattoo

We’re going to be the bigger man and not lecture about the dangers of bad tattooing, because we give you credit.

We’re also going to immediately vacate that moral high ground to laugh at some of the fuckwits out there who HAVE opted for the bargain end of the tattoo spectrum. Without further ado, check out these unbelievable howlers:

Bad tattoo 2

Sick Chirpse likes a bad pun as much as the next site.

Bad tattoo 3

Zombie Chuck Norris looks confused.

bad tattoo 4

It would have been much, much cheaper to get a shirt that said “I can’t grow a beard.”

bad tattoo 5

Bob Marley, fresh from recording “Electric Ladyland.”.

bad tattoo 6

This would only work if you got it tattooed across your delt. This guy didn’t, so is probably just illiterate.

Raiders tattoo

Overconfidence is a bitch. Superbowl XXXVII: Buccaneers 48 – Raiders 21.

bad tattoos 9

God only knewed what she was thinking.

bad tattoo 10

No comment.

Bonus round: Who’s this? Answers below.

Bad tattoo 11

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