This Tattoo Artist Did The Unthinkable To His Pet Dog

This guy deserves to be in jail.

Tattoo artist Emerson Damasceno has come under fire online recently after pictures of his dog emerged covered in tattoo ink.

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He posted the pictures on social media, showing the dog with five tattoos on its nose, ears and eyes. However, after receiving a massive backlash with some people accusing the owner of animal cruelty, he immediately deleted the photos and said that he only put them there to protect the dog’s health. You what mate?


Apparently Damasceno says that he inked his dog because he believed the tattoos would protect him from cancer. Again – you what mate? How does that work? He didn’t really elaborate on this point and has since deleted all of his Facebook and other social media profiles, so I’m guessing this isn’t true.

In addition, there were several comments from veterinary experts who confirmed that this was a big pile of bullshit and in fact, tattooing a dog would cause health problems. It was obviously just a massive lie that was an attempt to deflect some of the hate he was getting.


It’s unclear whether police are investigating the matter but I hope someone does because this guy doesn’t deserve to own a dog. He obviously wanted to make his pet look hard and “cool” but he’s instead just made himself look like a complete tool and no doubt caused massive pain and misery to the poor pooch. What a moron.

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