Man Steals Tattoo By Running From Shop Before The Ink Dries

Man Steals Tattoo

Smart move.

Out of all the things in the world you could possibly steal, I would have thought that a tattoo was probably one of the hardest things you could ever possibly even contemplate jacking, but this man in Hull has managed to figure it out.

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The unnamed Eastern European man went into Gary Norman’s tattoo parlour – appropriately named ‘Gary’s Tattooing’ – and asked for some work. Gary explains what happened next:

He came in and asked me to go over a scar on his hand but I told him I couldn’t and so he asked me to cover up a tattoo on one of his legs – which he then paid me for.

He came back in for a tattoo of a praying angel next to a gravestone on his leg and when he got up, he said he would pay – but then he just ran off.

Garys Tattoing

I didn’t want to leave another customer who I didn’t know in the shop on their own because obviously I have valuable equipment in there.

I thought I could get myself into some trouble if I followed him back to the flats where I think he lives, so I was better off calling the police.

Well yeah maybe, but I suppose they haven’t found him yet and it’s all over national news because you’re the first person to ever get a tattoo stolen from them, so you tell me how that worked out Gary? Everyone is also probably thinking that the guy stealing the tattoo is an absolute G for coming up with this method of theft and actually managing to pull it off, so I probably think it would have been better for you to run after him and batter him Gary – at least then you would have kept it quiet eh? Now look at you.

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