Tapioca Terror On The High Seas

Freighter - Tapioca

Bit of an odd title I know, but I’m not even mucking about. Tapioca brought a 12,000 tonne freighter to it’s watery knees.

Freighter - Tapioca

Bit of an odd title I know, but I’m not even mucking about. I found this story today and I did a literal LOL at my desk in the office. I should have been working, not LOLling. I received disapproving stares. So, anywayz, thought I’d share.

So let me take you back to 1972, we’re aboard a Swiss cargo ship called Cassarate travelling from Thailand to Rotterdam. On board we have 1500 tonnes of Tapioca. You remember that shit from school dinners? Basically it’s frogspawn. As an aside, just so you know, Tapioca has no protein and virtually no vitamins in it at all. Why they feed it to kids I don’t know? Oh yeah, it’s cheap. Anyway, on our voyage, when we are far out to sea a fire decides to take hold of the ship. The crew manage to keep the fire to a smolder for 25 days, but eventually the fire bursts into life and the crew are forced to park up in Cardiff to let the big boys sort it out with proper hoses.

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Once the hoses were in action the Tapioca had all the parameters it needed to get cooking. The fire was heating up the water and off it goes, cooking, growing and swelling. It was threatening to buckle the bow of the ship – tapioca nearly sank the bugger. The tapioca was in the hold below the burning wood so was inaccessible, it just grew and grew and grew. Enough tapioca to fill 500 trucks. That, my friend, is a butt load of tapioca. A Fire Chief at the scene described it as a “tapioca time bomb” which is pretty awesome. Basically they knew they had to get the pudding out before the boat literally exploded flinging tonnes of goo in to the sea. A race against time.

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The wood and rubber that was destined for the UK stayed in Cardiff, but the tapioca which was destined for Rotterdam stayed on board. I can’t find out what happened to it when it got there though? The pudding trail runs cold. That is a lot of tapioca to handle. They probably smoked it, those crazy Dutch. So, if you can solve this pudding based mystery please let me know…..

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