Hipsterism Reaches New Levels With Bar That Only Serves Tap Water



A bar that is only going to serve free tap water is set to open in Minneapolis and surprisingly not Shoreditch.

The bar is the result of several successful pop ups that have been run all over the country by two artists named Colin Kloecker and Shanai Matteson. The bar will serve tap water from the city as well as ‘limited edition pours’ from other cities across the country. Sounds really niche.

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Of course, visitors get the opportunity to try different types of water from different cities but the goal of the artists isn’t just to act like wanky artists doing stupid performance art pieces, but instead to engage dialogue between scientists, activists and experts – who will serve as bartenders – and the public. Given the recent water crisis in Flint, the issue of free clean water is a big one in the States so reluctantly I think this is kind of a good idea as it will get people talking about the issues facing their communities and the world, but yeah obviously the execution is ridiculously hip.

The bar absolutely won’t serve any of the high end ‘artisanal water’ and will only serve free water. If you’re in Minneapolis stop by when it opens in May. I can’t see it being there for too long though if everything on the menu is going to be free.

Anyway, tap water is just as good as bottled water apparently – check out this video which compares the two if you don’t believe me.


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