Taiwan Is Set To Become The First Asian Country To Allow Same Sex Marriage


Good for you Taiwan.

It looks like Taiwan is leading the way for LGBT rights in Asia, as it is poised to become the first country in the continent to allow same-sex marriage.

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Legislators in the country are currently working on three bills that support marriage equality. And according to the Associated Press, one of the bills on the matter is already listed for review and could quite literally be passed in a matter of months. The law amendment is significantly endorsed by President Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan’s first female head of state.

Apparently about 80% of Taiwanese people between the ages of 20-29 are supportive of the idea of same-sex marriage, says Tseng Yen-jung, spokeswoman for the group Taiwan LGBT Family Rights Advocacy. Meanwhile 55% of the entire public agreed.

This is generally seen as a reflection of Taiwan’s inclusive attitudes and multi-party democracy as well as the fact that 23 million people in the country follow Buddhism and traditional Chinese religions that show no strong oppositions on particular sexual orientations. If we ever needed proof that the West needs to switch its religion to these more open-minded ones, it’s attitudes such as this.

While Taiwan will join other countries such as Canada, Colombia, Ireland and the U.S. who have legalised same-sex marriage over the last 15 years, Taiwan is a notable exception amongst Asian and Middle Eastern countries, of which at least 20 continue to ban same-sex intercourse even, let alone marriage. Yu Mei-nu, a ruling Democratic Progressive Party lawmaker, said:

It’s a big step forward for the history of human rights.

If Taiwan can get this passed… it will give other Asian countries a model.

Well, good for you Taiwan for leading the way with regards to LGBT rights in Asia. As pointed out by Yu, hopefully other Asian countries will begin to loosen up their laws after seeing Taiwan passing this one.

To remind you why anyone who disagrees with same-sex marriage is an absolute moron, watch this dumbass Christian woman go on an utterly insane rant. Pipe down love.


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