A Syrian Refugee Was Pinned To The Ground And Waterboarded By A School Bully


Britain in 2018.

I feel like it should be fairly obvious that refugees are heading to other countries because they’ve literally been driven out of their homes for any number of reasons – usually rape, torture, genocide and starvation feature fairly high on the list along with many others  – and that they feel like this is literally the only option for them in order to keep on living, but then I see videos like this and it’s quite clear that not everyone in this country feels that way.

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The video comes courtesy of Facebook, where someone thought it would be funny to upload a video of some chavvy northern kid from Huddersfield bullying a Syrian refugee at his school by literally beating him up and then waterboarding him. It’s kinda grim and kinda heartbreaking – maybe even if you’re a racist as well:

Man that is so sad at the end where he just gets up and walks away without saying anything because you can just tell that this kind of thing probably happens to him every day. It’s probably why his arm is in a cast. It’s just really really emo.

Anyway, the fact that about 10 million people have seen this clip probably means that Jamal’s life is going to get significantly better and that horrible bully in the video’s life is going to get significantly worse. Might end up getting expelled and never being able to get a job except with the local racists at the brickies up in Huddersfield. Not really helping the problem, but sometimes you wonder if people like that are beyond rehabilitation/redemption. I hope they can get educated.

For more waterboarding, check out this guy getting waterboarded instead of taking part in the ice bucket challenge. Serves him right.


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