VIDEO: The Worst Woman At A Festival Ever AKA The Swamp Donkey (Kinda NSFW)

Swamp Donkey

This swamp donkey video has resurfaced again and it’s just as funny the second time around.

This video actually occurred in 2012 but it’s doing the rounds again and is definitely wroth highlighting because the woman in it makes whatever embarrassing stuff you’ve done at a festival (except maybe if you were that girl off the first episode of Festivals, Sun & Suspicious Parents) look like the equivalent of a baby walking in the park or something.

The festival is Creamfields and this woman has been described as a swamp donkey – she’s covered head to toe in mud, completed wasted and pissing in the remains of someone else’s tent. She wipes her vagina with a soggy piece of bread and then falls over in the mud about ten times more before the end of the video. She’s probably the main reason why Creamfields is well known as one of the ‘classier’ festivals in the UK scene.

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