Suspects In Teen Murder Have Something Important To Say In Court — Follow Them On Twitter

Murderers are so social media savvy these days.

Three people who shot dead a teenager at a bowling alley in South Carolina made it pretty clear they felt no remorse at their court hearing this week.

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Jamari Trayvar Fair, 18, Dennis Ezell Gibbs, 19, and Albert Lavern Taylor, 22, are facing charges of murder, assault and battery by a mob and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

This being 2016 though, they know the importance of racking up those followers any way you can.

Watch below:

Call these guys scumbags, call these guys murderers, but don’t ever say they don’t know how to create a good social media presence. Could be a great self-esteem boost for them considering they’re spending the rest of their lives in jail.

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