Surgery Addict To Get Genitals Shaped Smooth Like A Barbie Doll’s (PHOTO)

Truly disturbing.

A woman who goes by the name Pixee Fox has spent a LOT of money transforming herself into a cartoon character.

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She is best known for having controversial and extreme surgery like getting her ribs removed, but her latest procedure might just be the most shocking of all.

Pixeee fox

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She’s having a genital operation that is nicknamed the ‘Barbie Pussy’ because it makes the vagina look smooth, like a Barbie. Here’s a mock up photo of what a Barbie pussy would look like:

Freaky. Here’s what Pixee told the Daily Star: 

Instead of just chopping them down to the same level, it’s cutting the inner lips completely, they take them away and they add fat so it basically closes everything.

The Barbie pussy is much more beautiful than if you do labiaplasty and it’s a lot more functional.

It’s like breast implants why do ladies want to have that? In sexual intercourse they want to feel more attractive, it’s the same deal with your genitals.

If you’re not comfortable with your genitals you’re not going to want to have someone down there.

Plenty of girls wax because they wanna feel fresh, it’s the same thing, the same reason why you do this surgery.

Yes, but if they’re essentially closing up everything down there, then surely you’re not going be able to have anyone go down there? I’m all for people doing what they want with their bodies, but this does seem a little extreme and pointless. It seems like Pixee is dead set on the Barbie pussy though, regardless of what other people think of her.

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