This Swedish Model Had Six Ribs Removed So She Could Look More Like Jessica Rabbit

Swedish Model Ribs Removed

What a complete moron.

A 25 year old Swedish model now residing in North Carolina named Pixee Fox – who used to formerly work as an electrician – has had six of her ribs removed in order to try and obtain the perfect hourglass figure. Whatever you need to do I suppose.

After completing the extreme five hour operation – which is also irreversible – the model now has a record breaking 14 inch waist. I don’t know how you feel about that, but it just makes me feel absolutely sick and I can’t really believe that she could even find doctors who would perform this messed up operation over there.

I suppose money talks though – even prior to this operation Fox had somehow spent $70,000 on surgery looking for the elusive hourglass figure.

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Pixie says that she’s inspired by cartoon characters like Jessica Rabbit, Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and Holli Would from Cool World and that’s how she ideally wants to look.

I think someone should probably have told her that they’re cartoon characters and that’s why real people shouldn’t and can’t look like them before she had all these irreversible surgeries. It might have slightly helped the situation before it got too out of hand.

Anyway, good luck living in the future moron. I mean if you really want to look like Jessica Rabbit, don’t get surgery just wear a corset for 23 hours a day to shrink your waist like this girl. That’s slightly healthier and has a high life expectancy right?


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