The ‘Human Ken Doll’ Is Planning His Most Dangerous Surgery Yet



Despite nearly losing his nose to a flesh eating bug and not being able to breathe properly, it appears that the ‘Human Ken Doll’ AKA Rodrigo Alves is still not finished with his self-destructive quest to look “perfect”.

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The 33-year-old from Brazil has said that now he is planning to have his eye colour permanently changed in a risky operation in India. This comes after revealing he has already spent £398,000 on 57 separate surgeries to get the perfect look.

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The eye surgery, which doctors in the UK and US will not perform, is going to set Rodrigo back £8,000:

My next surgery will be a permanent eye colour change. I wear hand painted coloured lenses made by an artist here in the USA. Each pair is $500 and I have 14 different colours.

My natural eye colour is dark brown and I’m tired of wearing coloured lenses.

Bright Ocular is now making a special eye colour implant light icy grey and the procedure will be performed next month in Delhi.

The procedure will also be filmed.

Such procedure is also done in the USA and the UK but not for cosmetic reasons.

Some people who don’t have iris pigmentation can have these implants to give them an eye colour.

In my case it is for aesthetics reasons and there is no money on earth that would convince an eye doctor to do it in the USA or UK for cosmetic reasons.

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Clearly this guy hasn’t learned from his mistakes. I’m sure most of you reading this are thinking what I’m thinking – no matter how aesthetically pleasing a change in eye colour might be, there’s no way that it’s worth endangering your eye sight. One fuck up and he could be blinded. Why risk it?

It seems like no amount of warning signs can stop this guy from going under the knife.



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