It Looks Like Supreme Oreos Are About To Become A Reality

Oh yes.

I’ll be honest, I never really ‘got’ the Supreme brand. All I knew was people were spending loads of money to buy clothes because they had the word ‘Supreme’ on them. But I think I finally get the appeal after seeing these new Supreme Oreos.

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I mean get a load of this bad boy:

People were immediately confused by that Tweet and some were even questioning the existence of the Supreme Oreo but sure enough, it’s officially happening. It’s big and thicc and creamy and crunchy and will feature the Supreme logo on a bright red cookie. No word on if it will taste like the classic cookie or if it’s red velvet or anything else.

According to Supreme’s website, the cookies will come in a pack of three. There were reports it would cost an astronomical $8 a cookie, but Instagrammer @Ovrnundr showed leaked images of what it claims are the packs:

…and claim they’llactually be $8 a pack, which makes more sense.

Either way it’s the most expensive Oreo in history and so you know you wanna try it. I wonder if it turns your poop red as well? Or maybe you poop out the Supreme logo or something. Can’t wait to try it and see.

For the YouTuber facing prison time for feeding a homeless man Oreos stuffed with toothpaste, click HERE. Not very supreme.

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