The Supreme Court Has Ruled That Boris Johnson’s Suspension Of Parliament Was Illegal

What a mess.

The Supreme Court finally delivered their verdict today about whether Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament had been legal or not, and kinda surprisingly unanimously found that it was 100% illegal. Really didn’t see that coming.

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I’m not gonna pretend to understand everything about the political and constitutional ramifications of this verdict, but I imagine Boris Johnson will probably just ignore it like he’s ignored everything else during his chaotic reign as Prime Minister and just continued bumbling around and screwing everything up. Wonder if he’s even awake to hear this considering he’s in New York right now? Probably hasn’t even been to bed and is up partying all night with Jennifer Arcuri hey?

Anyway, that’s my analysis of it, here’s some live tweets on how it went down courtesy of the BBC that probably make stuff a little more clear:

Damn. Another great twist in the latest season of Brexit. Can’t wait to see what happens next, even though I doubt it’s going to be good whether you’re a Remoaner or Brexiteer. The entertainment doesn’t stop though – just a shame we all weren’t so invested in the outcome.

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