Here’s Why You Should Never Superglue Your Butt Shut After Eating Laxatives And Taco Bell


Death by blockage.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever had the opportunity due to their lack of outlets in this country, but eating Taco Bell almost inevitably leads to you spending at least 20 minutes the next day on the toilet dribbling a long stream of crap out of your butt. It’s the definition of cheap and nasty, and you get exactly what you signed up for.

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That’s why it’s the worst food to eat if you’re planning on eating a whole bottle of laxatives and then supergluing your asshole shut so absolutely nothing will be able to get out of there. This would probably be bad enough without even eating the Taco Bell, but that really is the icing on the cake.

You can see what happened to the dude who decided to try this out in the video below, but believe us when we say that it wasn’t pretty at all. The video is nearly 15 minutes long, which can give you some idea of just how awful this guy’s ordeal was in his pursuit of YouTube hits. There are a couple of really good surprises though in the build up to the main event, so make sure you watch the whole thing:

Man they were such pussies about supergluing his asshole eh? Still, it was a pretty good idea to spray his butt with the pepper spray to make it even more uncomfortable for the dude. I suppose if you’re gonna concoct some harebrained scheme like this, then you can’t really complain when your buddy makes it even better for everyone watching at home. I mean he was going to sit on thumbtacks on his toilet seat, so why not just take it to the next level?

When it all comes out though, man is that disgusting. Was wincing just watching it, but you seriously just couldn’t look away from it. Fascinating if uncomfortable viewing I suppose. Fair play to the guy for going through with it.

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