Watch This Super Strong Bear Lift Up A Car That It’s Trapped Under Then Go Postal


This is like something out of a horror movie about bears.

Last week, we featured this video of a bear being super smart and figuring out how to deactivate a chicken carcass that was set up to electrocute him and got really scared that bears would sooner be smarter than us and probably end up taking over the world and killing us all.

This week, it’s more traditional bear material but no reason to be any less scared of them. We’re in Russia somewhere for this, where two hunters have literally accidentally run over a bear and got it trapped underneath their vehicle. While they’re filming it and debating what to do with it, the bear takes matters into its own hand by lifting up the jeep with its super strength and then proceeding to bite the tyre of it and chase after another car. The last part of this video where the bear is chasing after the moving car and everyone is screaming is truly terrifying and very reminiscent of a whole bunch of horror movies.

If bears are this strong and as smart as the other one, then we haven’t got long left.

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