These Super Slow Motion Highlights From UFC 200 Are Absolutely Brutal

UFC 200: Tate v Nunes

Everything is more brutal in super slow motion.

UFC 200 came and went on Saturday night and if you tuned in then you would have seen Aldo demolish Edgar and Cormier and Lesnar both out wrestle their opponents Silva and Hunt in fairly unexciting matches, unless you’re a fighting purist. Yes, please leave a comment calling me a casual UFC fan below.

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Fight Motion have managed to pick out the best moments from each fight though and create their usual compilation of super slow mo highlights, which just make the whole sport look even more brutal than it already is:

Dang. I thought Sage Northcutt was a bit of a pussy after tapping out in his last fight but he took some nice shots there before ending up the winner. He also managed to get out of that arm bar somehow. I think my favourite part were some of those face shots from Aldo – they look even harder in real life eh? Lesnar pounding Hunt was even more brutal too.

Of course, we all know the real story behind UFC 200 was Conor McGregor being a complete weirdo to Jose Aldo, right?


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