Check Out These Super Slow Motion Highlights Of UFC 189 – One Of The Greatest UFC Events Of All Time

UFC Super Slow Motion

Seeing Conor McGregor smash Chad Mendes is even more brutal in super slow motion – and don’t get me started on the Robbie Lawler/Rory McDonald fight.

It’s been agreed by almost everyone that knows anything about UFC that UFC 189 a couple of weeks ago was one of the best events in UFC history, with Robbie Lawler V Rory McDonald being called the most brutal fight ever to go down in the Octagon (check out some of the pictures from that here).

In order to celebrate the event, the UFC have released super slow motion highlights of the top five matches on the card, which include McGregor V Mendes and Lawler V McDonald. Let me tell you, these bouts are even more brutal and savage when you see them in super slow motion and that only makes them even more awesome. Truly bone crunching stuff.

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