Three Men Are Suing Chipotle After Their Burritos Made Them ‘Excessively Full’

Isn’t that the whole point of eating a burrito?

Normally when you eat out at a restaurant then you would probably be fairly happy if you were really full afterwards because it’s a sign that you had a nice meal and got your money’s worth. But the three guys in this story have had the complete opposite reaction: they’re actually suing Chipotle because their burritos made them ‘excessively full’.

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The three men all ate at different Chipotles but are joining together to sue the company as they believe that they’re giving out false nutritional information. The chorizo burrito is advertised as only being 300 calories but David Desmond reckoned that because it left him feeling ‘excessively full’ that there’s no possible way the calorie count could be so low.


Now, Desmond and fellow defendants Edward Gurevich and Young Hoon Kim are planning to sue Chipotle for false advertising because of this. They’re seeking unspecified damages and an injunction preventing Chipotle from publishing allegedly misleading nutritional information. Whilst this may be the case, I think it’s fucking ridiculous that the whole lawsuit is based around some guy feeling ‘excessively full’ because that’s completely subjective and doesn’t really mean anything. Kinda hope they lose because it’s so stupid.

No news on when the trial starts but it should be an interesting one – surely all they need to do to win is measure the calories in the chorizo burrito (which also contains white rice, black beans, tomato salsa and cheese) and if it comes in way over 300 then they’ve lost. Seems like an open and shut case in that respect, although it could have huge ramifications on the advertising industry if these three guys do end up winning because companies won’t be able to go around making claims about the calorie counts in their food anymore. Big.

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