VIDEO: Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos

Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Burrito

Welcome to the weird part of the internet.

Burritos are one of the most delicious foods out there – especially if you have them with extra guacamole – so it’s a real shame that we can’t really share them with our pets, mainly because their mouths aren’t anywhere near big enough to get around a full stuffed burrito.

Only now, someone has decided to share little tiny gourmet burritos with their little tiny hamster and even made a little tiny dinner plate for him too. Obviously this is completely stupid but it’s so stupid and obviously super cute that everyone’s gonna love it, especially when the hamster pops out its cheeks massively to wolf down that burrito.

And this is only episode 1 – I dread to think what stupidity this dude has planned for the future.

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