Watch The First Official, High Quality Trailer For ‘Suicide Squad’ Here

Finally, it’s here.

Fans at Comic Con managed to catch the Suicide Squad trailer on their phones when it debuted the other night, but no need to strain your eyes for that one anymore because the first official trailer has just official dropped for what’s surely one of the most anticipated movies of next year.

Check it:

The general consensus online seems to be that it won’t be that great. Loads of people saying there’s no way Jared Leto is going to do a Joker worthy of Ledger or Nicholson. We should probably reserve judgment until it hits the cinemas in 2016 but to be fair you can’t really go wrong with an A-list cast like this one… can you?

There’s also some sneak footage of the Batmobile ripping through the streets, in case you haven’t seen it.


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