Suge Knight Refuses To Let Doctors Remove Bullet From His Head From The Night Tupac Got Shot

Classic Suge Knight move.

If you need any more proof that Suge Knight is the most gangster guy remaining from the 90’s rap scene — then this is it. While the other hardcore 90s gangster rappers are either dead (2Pac, Biggie) or completely different people now (Snoop, Ice Cube), Suge Knight is still playing the hip hop villain part to perfection.

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Case in point – he’s just refused to have a bullet fragment removed from his head; the one that’s been stuck in there for 19 years since the night Tupac was shot dead. In fact it’s safe to say the bullet itself was intended for Tupac and hit Suge by accident.

The problem is that Suge Knight is in horrendous shape in jail right now (he’s doing time for running that dude over a few months ago), and doctors want to perform an MRI to find out why he keeps passing out during court dates. The bullet lodged in his head is messing with their machinery, so they asked to remove it, but Knight reckons if they remove it he’ll die (don’t know if that’s a superstition thing or he just loves having a bullet in his head).

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So yeah, doesn’t get much gangster than that I guess. Doctors suggest they remove a 20 year old bullet from his brain so that they might help him live longer and his response is “don’t fucking touch it”. Such a classic Suge Knight move. He’ll probably be dead soon so I guess you have to keep the gangsta legacy strong while you still can.

Somehow though, we doubt his last words will be as cool as Tupac’s were.


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