‘Subway Creatures’ – The Biggest Freaks & Weirdos On Public Transport #6 (NSFL)

Featuring extreme PDA, murderers in-waiting, and Batman on crack.

Few weeks back we compiled a collection of videos showcasing the biggest freaks and weirdos travelling the globe on public transport. It did pretty well so we thought why not do it every week?

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Let’s have a peek at some of the more peculiar passengers riding the subways and undergrounds of our planet:

That’s gonna fetch a pretty penny at the scrapyard.

Do not make eye contact.

Oh wow.

E Honda would be proud.

Technique on fleek.

Taking the ‘tracksuit under jeans’ look to a whole new level.


What the…?

Yawn of the century.

Batman’s gone downhill.

Is that guy dead?

Keeping those skills sharp.


The subway – not ideal for clean freaks

Some serious thrust action.

What the actual F.

Could you not?

What is going on with those nails?

Meth – not even once.

I think I’m gonna puke.

O…K then. I think we’ll end it right there…

For last week’s edition of Subway Creatures, click HERE. Features extreme PDA, near death experiences and one girl’s guide to catching train AIDS.


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