‘Subway Creatures’ – The Biggest Freaks & Weirdos On Public Transport #5 (NSFL)

Features the hangover from hell, public masturbation and the usual near death experiences.

Few weeks back we compiled a collection of videos showcasing the biggest freaks and weirdos travelling the globe on public transport. It did pretty well so we thought why not do it every week?


Let’s have a peek at some of the more peculiar passengers riding the subways and undergrounds of our planet:

Getting a quick tongue workout in.

She’s going to be thrilled about that.

Probably a good day to take the day off work. 

What. Is. Happening.

RIP buddy.

How about less noise and more clothes?

Just fanning out her vag – no biggie.

Places to be.

Do you have to?

The subway station stairs – great place to trip balls apparently

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

The bin is literally right there love.

Keep it moving people, nothing to see here.

Pure electricity.


When you have to love yourself the most.

No one saw.


The rats are taking over.

Vampires. Definitely vampires.

Oh dear…

Metal AF.

O…K. We’re done now.

For last week’s edition of Subway Creatures, click HERE. Features extreme PDA, near death experiences and one girl’s guide to catching train AIDS.


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