Some Students Threw A Massive Rave In Greggs

Greggs transform one of their shops into a nightclub for one night

Free alcohol and steak bakes were included.

I’m a big fan of raving and I’m a big fan of Greggs, but I would never have thought of combining the two as it just doesn’t make any sense does it? Why would you want a chicken bake when you’re gurning your face off?

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Nevertheless, one student from Birmingham University was determined to make it happen. 21 year old Nikki Gardner asked the shop if there was any chance of them organising a welcome back party for her and her friends after the summer and to her surprise they were only too happy to oblige.

The place was hyped up for a rave with DJs, lights, confetti and even bouncers and a line to get inside. Once you made it in, the shop was giving away free alcohol and pasties and it sounds like everyone had a blast according to Nikki, although I’ve gotta admit the video does kind of make it look like the lamest thing ever:

I couldn’t believe they’d actually decked it out with lights and confetti cannons.

I mean I was hoping for a few free pastries but they went to so much effort it was awesome.

Most of my mates thought it was a joke when I told them but I think it finally sunk in when they turned up at Greggs and there was security outside.

I would love to do it again, I graduate at the end of this year so maybe a graduation party?

I mean why stop at a graduation party? Why not do this every weekend at the main Greggs in every city centre. Obviously not the free drinks and pasties part, but I could see Greggs becoming a major destination for partygoers on the weekend judging by how well this went down. Just an idea, I mean those guys did look like they were having a blast despite the fact the video made it look like it was a children’s television show or something. There’s definitely a niche market out there for it.

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