Are You Brave Enough To Take On The Greggs Bakery Challenge?

Greggs Challenge

11,500 calories in one sitting.

You can’t beat a sausage roll or a baked bean melt from Greggs. It’s dirty, it’s cheap, but it’s so freaking delicious.

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But do you reckon you’d be up for eating 11,500 calories worth of Greggs goods in one sitting? That’s exactly what competitive eater Adam Moran managed to do as part of the Greggs challenge.

This involved eating one of everything from the Greggs menu, from doughnuts to pasties to steak bakes. That’s 30 items containing more than 600 grams of fat and he managed to do the lot in under 30 minutes.

In Adam’s own words he said:

It was a piece of cake, as in literally some of the items were pieces of cake. But then again I do this for a living, so the challenge was easier for me.

If you reckon you could take on the challenge then give it a go. Because it’s Greggs, the whole menu will only set you back £40. Not bad at all.

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