VIDEO: Student Drops Out Of Class With Impromptu Striptease In Middle Of Lecture

Student Drops Out Of Class With Impromptue Striptease During Lecture

It was a biology class, can you blame him?

It takes a lot of guts to drop out of a class because however it goes down there are going to be people that act disappointed or give you a lot of shit about it, namely your parents, the lecturers and maybe even your friends. If it’s the right thing to do though, you’ll know it and it won’t be too hard to go through with.

Normally this would entail emailing the course prof or going to see them or something, but for some reason this guy from UNC thought that it would be a good way to announce he was dropping out of the class by standing up in the middle of the class and performing an impromptu striptease. To be fair to the guy it absolutely was, and some of the lines he comes out with and the reactions of his classmates are absolute gold, especially if it wasn’t planned. In fact, it probably makes this the best biology lecture ever.

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