French Weather Girl Does Weather Forecast Naked After France Qualify For World Cup

Doria Tillier Naked Weather Forecast

It looked like a safe bet to make with France trailing 2-0 to Ukraine after their first leg World Cup playoff, but would Doria Tiller go through with reading the weather forecast naked after France made it to the World Cup?

Following Ukraine beating France 2-0 in the first leg of their World Cup playoff, it looked like Les Bleus wouldn’t be making the trip to Brazil this summer. So it looked like a fairly safe bet for French weather girl Doria Tillier to make the bet that if France did somehow manage to qualify then she would do her weather report naked. Of course, France went on to win 3-0 and the nation held their breath to see if Tillier would actually go through with it.

And she did. Kinda. Reporting from the French town of Poil – ‘a poil’ apparently means butt naked in French, which indicates a certain amount of thinking went into this – Tillier took off her warm winter coat and then proceeded to run around a field stark naked while the weather report flashed up on the other side of the screen.

Of course, the cameras were positioned really far away so all the dirty old French men tuning in – and all of you pervs clicking on this article – can’t actually really see anything, but hey at least she did it. She never said she was gonna do a sexy striptease while reading the weather so I guess she’s well within her rights to do this. I mean at least she didn’t pussy out completely, you know, although this is effectively massively trolling everyone in the world ever.

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