Watch This Student Full On Fight His Teacher In The Middle Of The Classroom

Teacher Batters Student

That’s a straight F.

I’m sure back in the day at school that everyone reading this will have had at least one incident where they were arguing with the teacher and wanted to take a swing at them but never did, probably because they were scared of the repercussions. Or more likely because the teacher was way bigger than them and would just kick their ass if they laid a hand on them.

Not everyone is like you and I though, as this one kid proves. His teacher is telling him off about something in the middle of the class and when the kid badmouths him, he doesn’t take too kindly to it and tries to drag him out of the classroom. This makes the kid completely flip out and go for him, slamming him on a desk and throwing him all over the classroom.

Eventually the teacher gets the best of him and pins him down, but considering the kid is like half his size it’s a pretty good effort from him:

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Ooof. That is one hell of a fight and for a moment I thought the teacher was going to get his ass handed to him. That would have been embarrassing. As it was though he managed to just about overpower the unruly kid. I doubt anyone in his class is gonna mess with him again. As for the kid, if he doesn’t get expelled he’s probably gonna get rinsed relentlessly for trying to beat up a teacher and failing. So it goes.

It’s actually the complete opposite of this kid who beat the shit out of his teacher. I bet he’s still getting props wherever he goes, especially because the teacher kinda deserved it.


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