Teacher Asks Student “If You’re So Eager To Fight Then Why Don’t You”, Immediately Gets Battered

You couldn’t pay me enough to teach at this school.

It’s been said a million times before but teachers don’t get nearly enough credit for the jobs they do. I mean yeah they get 3 months off a year but they’re also on a relatively low income, have to do a whole bunch of work out of school hours, and also get constantly shat on by students.

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This video uploaded by WorldStar earlier takes that last point to the next level:

Ouch. Obviously that was completely uncalled for but at the same time you can’t go around verbally provoking a kid who’s already hyped up to the max and looking for someone to KO. Don’t they teach that when you’re doing your PGCE?

As we know though, if it was the other way round the teacher would be out of a job the next day.


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