Student Cheats On Her Exams By Hiding The Answers In Her Nails

Nail answers

A+ for creativity.

I’m sure most of you reading this will have cheated on exams at some point in your life. The old classic method was just writing the answers on your hand, but of course it carried a high risk of getting caught and by the time you reached the exam hall, the answers would have smudged.

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This Physics student did not have these worries though, as she came up with an extremely clever (and glamorous) way of sneaking in the answers – via her fingernails.

In a post called ‘Nailed the exam’, Reddit user Blood_Reaper, believed to be from the UK, showed fellow Redditors how she had written formulas on tiny pieces of paper and stuck them to the underside of her fake nail tips.

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Her cheat hack has received mixed responses. Some people have criticised her for not doing the revision (losers) whilst others have praised her for the creative idea. One person pointed out that she’d written down a pretty straightforward formula (distance = speed x time), which is a bit of a waste of nail space. I’m going to go ahead and say that this is a pretty sick idea – it’s discreet, creative and original. Nice work Blood_Reaper – I hope you aced it.

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