Student Blows Off Hand With Homemade Bomb While Trying To Impress A Girl

Definitely NSFL.

A 17-year-old chemistry student has blown off his own hand with a homemade bomb that he made to impress a girl.

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The teen, named only as Andrey K by local press, lost his right hand and part of his left when the bomb exploded in his school on Vasilevsky Island in St Petersburg. He is said to have bragged to his friends about the homemade device, which he made in his bedroom, prior to the incident. He even posted a photo showing him posing with the bomb making kit at his flat.

Chemistry Student Blows Hand Off With Homemade Bomb

After the device detonated, Andrey was rushed to hospital and is now being treated at St Mary Magdalena.

A SWAT team investigated his flat following the explosion and began looking through his possessions. They discovered online chats where he had been bragging to a girl about the bomb.

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Local police are now looking into the case to see if it is worth bringing charges against the teen. I’d say that losing 1.5 hands is punishment enough. Clearly there were no insidious intentions he had to build the bomb – just sheer stupidity and a yearning to get laid. Hopefully he’s learned his lesson and he at least gets a pity date from the girl he was trying to impress.

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