This Guy Got Battered By A Stripper After Telling Her She Was Fat And Needed To Lose Weight

There’s some things you just don’t do at the strip club.

A South Carolina man called police to report he was assaulted by a stripper after suggesting she should “go to the gym and lose weight”.

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23-year-old Kyle Yeomas was at Derriere’s Gentlemen’s Club in Myrtle Beach at around 1:45am when the incident occurred.

Yeomans says the stripper was “annoying him and kept trying to talk to him and he was tired of it”.

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He told cops that he was “an 11 out of 10” on the intoxication scale, and in response to the stripper annoying him he told her that she should “go to the gym and lose weight”.

The stripper responded by “reaching off the stage and striking him 4 times in the faces”, before bouncers dragged him out of there in an “unnecessarily rough” fashion.

Kyle describes the stripper as a white female with long black hair, 115-120 lbs, and no more than 25 years old. Oh, he also added that she had “a muffin top”.


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Obviously there’s no excuse for what this guy said to the stripper and I’m kinda glad she smacked him around (especially because of his shit tattoo), but at the same time I get where Kyle’s coming from. Strippers can be unbelievably overbearing sometimes. It’s like the overly keen salesman at any shop you go to x1000. They think just because they’ve come and sat down and talked to you for 30 seconds you’re obligated to pay for a lap dance. Sorry but Kyle’s right – strippers (and other sales people) need to learn how to take a hint. Only problem is he was “11 out of 10” drunk and couldn’t be diplomatic about it. In a strip club that’s going to end with your face getting bashed in every time.

Still not as epic a fail as when these uni students ordered a stripper to their halls for a mate’s 19th birthday.


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