Five Street Scams You Need To Know About

More people are travelling abroad than before and with tourism comes scams, here’s five you need to watch out for on holiday.

Metro station

The Crush And Grab/ Metro

Metro systems are handy, especially when you’ve had a few too many and can’t be bother walking 20 minutes to your hotel. They’re also pretty dodgy and that’s why they’re last on this list. Several things to watch out on whilst aboard a metro/subway/tube is firstly to keep your bag close and not let it hang like a Christmas tree ornament, people will snatch these just as the doors begin to close and once them doors shut you can’t go after them! The other dangerous Metro scam is the ‘Crush And Grab’, this is when a group of pickpockets get out at a stop at the same time when you’re standing up. They will simultaneously crush you getting out whilst grabbing everything in your pockets, and you probably wont notice since you’ll be concentrating on not getting an armpit to the face.

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