Street Magician Under Fire After Revealing His Only Trick Is Rubbing His Face In Women’s Cleavage

One trick pony.

A street magician over in China has been arrested for using his “magic tricks” to shove his face into women’s breasts.

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Chris Li was arrested for sexual harassment in June and now a video has emerged of him performing his strange ritual on women, which he claims was in the named of “curing cancer”. I can’t believe people actually fell for that.

His social media accounts show that Li promised to send cash donations to the Red Cross cancer research charity if the women he approached allowed him to motorboat them. He says:

The challenge involves touching your breasts and diving into your chest.

For every participant, we donate 10 RMB (1 GBP) to the Red Cross Society of China.

Although many agreed to the bizarre challenge, people on social media were outraged at Li for taking advantage of the women, claiming his behaviour is inappropriate.

And what makes this even more shocking is that this isn’t the first time Li’s been in trouble for his sexually charged street performances. Earlier this year he was arrested for his trick that involved grabbing women’s breasts and making a coin appear in their bra. Although he was let off the hook by the police then with the promise of a formal apology, this time they might not be so kind.


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