Watch This Street Fight Get Broken Up By One Of The Guy’s Daddies

Street Fight


When you’re a teenager, one of the biggest problems you have is how to work out how not to get embarrassed by your parents in front of your friends.

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Most of us only have to worry about this when we’re getting a ride somewhere or getting picked up, but for some of us it seems like there’s a very real possibility that your dad might interrupt you when you’re in the middle of a street fight and shut it down. Now that’s probably going to be one of the most embarrassing things ever and it certainly looks like that from the video below:

Whoa. That is a seriously intense video. There’s so much to love about it – I love the car screeching to a halt right in the middle of the fight, I love the dude being like, “oh shit it’s my daddy,” I love how all the kids just go completely silent and meekly wander off after the dad comes in and starts shouting at them and I especially love that one kid at the end saying, “glad I don’t have a daddy.” I bet he has been waiting his whole entire life to say that.

Seriously though, that kid might have been saved from getting a battering (it looked like the other kid was going to take him I reckon) but man, is his reputation going to be in smithereens after that. Ain’t ever living that one down, especially after it’s gone viral now. Sorry dude.

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